Come Dancing’s memorable heroine and witty writing are the cornerstones of this novel.” IR Verdict: “COME DANCING offers a witty protagonist in a creative, colorful, and charming work, painting exciting portraits of the publishing world, the rock star life, and the ever-bustling New York City before the time of cell phones.” “COME DANCING is the story [Keep Reading…]


“Hello, book 2!  The author answered our cries of love with a second release.  It was GREAT getting reacquainted with our leads while growing those connections and friendships (and frenemy-ships) that were more outlined in the first installment.  We get to see how their two worlds mesh together for better or worse, watch as Jack [Keep Reading…]


“Lucky thing it wasn’t Bow Wow Wow you were in the mood for,” Vicky said. I laughed. “Yeah, a huge purple mohawk would go over really well at the office.” CC Commons Photo: Tess Aquarium


“The characters in Keep Dancing are very endearing… I even fell in love with Muddy, and wish them luck with a puppy of his size in New York City! Keep Dancing isn’t all about HEA. Jack and Julia, being very human, have their doubts, their insecurities, and their love for each other. But you learn that [Keep Reading…]